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Canada's largest and most influential advocacy group promoting the interests and protecting the benefits of retired federal employees.

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For anyone who wants to support the work to protect Federal pensions and benefits. You'll get full access to all membership benefits including our exceptional MEDOC travel insurance and much more. Just $48.96 per year.

(If you're planning to take advantage of our unbeatable MEDOC travel insurance for more than one person, MEDOC's Family Plans now require a double membership for all new policies.)

The Benefits of Membership

You don't have to be retired to join! To be eligible for membership in the National Association of Federal Retirees, our charter requires only that you be a Veteran - with or without a pension, or a federal employee or retiree who is, or who will be, in receipt of a pension under one of the superannuation acts (Public Service, Canadian Forces or RCMP) or the Judges Act, or the surviving spouse of a federal employee or retiree who is or who will be in receipt of a survivor pension under one of the above superannuation acts or the Judges Act.

***For the Mega Recruitment Drive: If you were referred to join by an existing member, please call us toll-free at 1-855-304-4700, ext. 300, or send an email to service@federalretirees.ca indicating their name and their member number or their phone number so we can credit them accordingly.***

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