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Canada's largest and most influential advocacy group promoting the interests and protecting the benefits of retired federal employees.

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Protecting Pensions & Benefits for Federal Employees & Retirees

We are the largest group focused exclusively on pensions and retirement benefits for current and former members of Canada's Federal Public Service, Armed Forces and the RCMP.

The National Association of Federal Retirees proudly serves 176,000 federal government employees, retirees and their survivors, who belong to one of 79 branches located throughout Canada.

Each branch is operated by a group of volunteers who are members of the Association. Our National Office is located in Ottawa and has 28 full time staff dedicated to serving our members.

You can reach us at:

Phone: 1-855-304-4700
             (613-745-2559 in the Ottawa Area)

Email: service@federalretirees.ca

Mail: 865 Shefford Rd.
         Ottawa, ON
         K1J 1H9

Fax: 613-745-5457


Our Mission

As the leading national organization of federal public sector retirees, the National Association of Federal Retirees is dedicated to making retirement better for retirees of the Canadian Public Service, the Canadian Armed Forces, the RCMP as well as for all Canadians.


Our Goals

• To protect and enhance the benefits of those in receipt of pensions under the superannuation acts (Public Service, Canadian Forces and RCMP) and the Judges Act

• To prevent the acceptance of proposals detrimental to interests of Veterans and federal retirees

• To protect and enhance the benefits of seniors in general

• To inform and assist federal retirees with regard to their rights as federal pensioners

• To co-operate with other seniors’/pensioners’ organizations on mutual objectives


For more information on the Association, our work and publications, please visit our website at FederalRetirees.ca.